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Ida Welle's Bio

Ida is recognised Beauty and SFX Makeup Artist, working in Oslo, Norway and Internationally. 

She has mastered both beauty makeup as well as making prosthetics and on-set sfx applications, and won the prestigious Golden Screen award in 2018 for her makeup work for Ylvis' TV-series "Stories from Norway". 

In 2019, Ida enjoyed the roles of Head of Makeup and Prosthetic Designer for the American tv series "Survive", starring Sophie Turner and Corey Hawkins, directed by Mark Pellington. 

Ida has been artistic all her life, starting out as a sketch artist and painter. Her focus turned to makeup in her early 20s, working many years as a beauty makeup artist, while also creating creative character designs for photoshoots. 

Taking her passion further, Ida studied Theatrical Makeup for Film and TV in Poland and Special Effects Makeup studies in Norway, developing into skilled prosthetic technician. 

Ida has acquired over 10+ years' experience in the makeup industry, working on a variety of projects from commercial, film and theatre work, to more avant-garde work within stage, events and art-films. 


"The greatest passion of my life is my art, and I am on a continuous quest to develop my skills and reach my goals. I love making my ideas and design into reality, and I am particularly enthusiastic about makeup and special effects, especially for my favourite art-form: Film"

Ida Astero Welle

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